Hello there

I'm a self-taught designer and frontend engineer who loves solving problems, tackling challenges and learning new things. Design and quality user experiences are two things I'm really passionate about. I want to empower people and make the internet fun and easy to use. The small details matter.

Currently I run Mcleod Studio, a creative agency that handles design, development, and everything in between. I also work with a few great companies, like: Gigster, Bouncelab, Lead Native and Codementor.

If you think I can help your team, reach out and let's talk!

A short bio

I graduated high school at 15 and ran my own graphic design company for the next 3 years. Since then I've worked with multiple startups and filled a number of different roles, from designing digital menus for restaurants to installing security systems, all the while taking on freelance design and development gigs. I've got experience with branding, graphic/web design, networking, IT and most recently full-stack development with a focus on front-end.

Coming from a design background, I have a good idea of what makes a quality user experience, and I keep up to date with the latest patterns and best practices. CSS is my forte and I'm familiar with preprocessors like Sass and Less, as well as frameworks like Bootstrap, Skeleton, Semantic UI and PureCSS. I understand JavaScript language fundamentals and best practices, and I'm comfortable working with most libraries and frameworks like React, Redux, and jQuery. I enjoy working with others, especially in a tech setting, and have a hard-coded desire to push myself. I see my major strengths being my creativity, flexibility, attention to detail and empathy for the users of the product.

My daily life

I live in the mountains of North Carolina, near Asheville, with my fiancée Bekah, our grumpy cat Daisy, our (even grumpier) hedgehog Felix and two bunnies, Rowan and Raven. We generally spend our time hiking, longboarding, bingeing Netflix or enjoying the food and energy of Asheville. When I'm not staring at a computer screen, I like to sketch, play video games, listen to music and (sometimes) cook. Here are some pictures in case you're nosey.